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APQS ultima II long arm intellistitch turbo stitch regulator $1500

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On 12/21/2021 at 8:10 AM, jimerickson said:

This is a real deal for any beginner wanting to get into long arm quilting cheap.  The stitch regulator alone cost more than twice the selling price.  After market wheels as well.  I have one like this, and it has served me well for more than 11 years  Great machine.  Jim

Jim, Could you post pictures of your machine setup?  I am trying to make sure I have it all set up right.

Thank you


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Patty:  If you go to my account, you can look up all the posts I've made.  Go back to about 2013, and look at the post titles.  You should be able to pick out all of the ones involving my machine/table.  You'll be able to see everything about Zelda, my Ult 2.  My photos may not be as helpful as you'd like though. since I rebuilt my table, and in effect have a custom set up.  A lot of the table parts are the same, but in a completely new configuration.  Hope you find something that helps.  Regards.  Jim

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