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Bag suggestion for chic casual lifestyle...

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I am an nb in the world of luxury bags.....I live in a small town where I don’t see a lot of premier bags. A few LV (mammograms) here and there but not often. I am a professional with 3 kids. I have 2 Coach ( Lindsay and Legacy ) that I alternate since 2011) and I use an LC le Pliage neo for work ( so 2 bags daily )

I wanted to get LV pochette accessories to have a luxury bag that was also discrete as I would probably put in le Pliage neo but they are impossible to find onn universal remote codes...

I could also make the big jump and get a Speedy b30 DE as the main purse...I am afraid it will be too flashy. I live in Canada so it is pretty expensive here about 1700$ + 15%tax... Epi would be nice but too expensive Handbag Of Dragon Skin.

Any suggestions? What could be a statement yet discrete bag that would fit my lifestyle? Is it me ...maybe DE is not loud... actually I have never seen it in my town

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