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Downsizing Frame

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I currently have 14’ table with bliss system, due to room we are considering either purchasing a 8’ table or, having our existing one professionally cut down.  The canvas size of 8’ frame is 84” - does this mean I could quilt a top up to 84”?   I understand this will limit the size of quilts I can quilt, however the other alternative is to sell Millie and I don’t want to do that  - just wondering about others experience with 8’ table.  Thank you

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You can hire a welder or pipefitter to cut your rollers and table to the length you want, just make sure they measure the original lengths of the table and the roller bars before cutting so that the trimmed down roller bars fit snugly into the joins on the support legs at each end of the table. For example, if your current table top is 14' and your rollers are 14' 6", you need to be mindful of that 6" measurement on the rollers. 

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