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Can anybody please help me troubleshoot my problem shown below?

First quilt i did had all these white spots showing. I thought it was because I 

used light batting so I bought black batting, changed my needle and thread  for my 2nd quilt and it is still doing the same thing.

It looks like my needle is poking the back side of my quilt backing through. could this be a tension problem?

first picture shows what the backside of my backing looks like. second picture shows the actual white spots.





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Yes that seems to be what is happening.  I would change your needle again....I have gotten bad needles before and even had a whole pack of needles that would do this. Sometimes the size of your needle will do this, maybe try a smaller size.  Also, relax your backing so it isn't tight.  This might help.  If you still have issues you might want to consider using a different backing fabric.  Some fabrics will do this no matter what you do to keep those poky threads from coming through.

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Laura gave you good advice. 

What kind of batting are you using?  Some battings, including Warm & White and Warm & Natural, have a right side and a wrong side, and loading them the wrong way can result in pokies.  When loading, "dimples up, pimples down." In other words, have the indentations going down, in the same direction as your needle moves.  Also, has your backing fabric been washed?  That can make a difference, too.  

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I believe some of what you are seeing is actually caused by the backing fabric that you are using.  The fabric only has the design printed on one side.  Some of the lighter coloured threads on the back of the fabric are being pushed through to the front by the needle.  Moda fabrics often have this problem.  It is very frustrating and something to be aware of when you are being backing fabrics.

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Mommat 18
I have experienced this issue as well.  I concur with sricharson's assessment, it is the backing fabric fibers that are rolling to the right side of your backing.  Moda and Maywood backings are especially troublesome.  I would suggest that when buying wide backing choose yarn dyed fabric. 
Westrade backing is my go-to backing.  It is sometimes sold by Fabric.com.  A google search will likely will show other online buying options.  Westrade also has amazing wide flannels in addition to their 108" cottons.  They are a wholesale distributor and offer wholesale prices to longarm machine quilting businesses that have a tax number.   

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