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Query on 2007 Millie with CompuQuilter set-up

Marie E

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Hi - I have 2007 Millie with Compuquilter/quilter I purchased privately a few years ago.   Could anyone explain why there is 2 CompuQuilter operating set ups on the machine (see picture) one appears to be within the machine itself  and the other is the box sitting on top of the body of the machine which is what currently operates the CompuQuilter.   There is an electrical cord on side of machine with a white connection (see pic) which is not connected to anything - this cord appears to have 2 burn marks on it.   I would like to have this cord cut closer to the machine to cut down on the amount of cords on machine.  I would also like to know why it has this setup.    I have contacted APQS however the person I spoke with did not appear to know.   It was purchased new like this according to the lady I purchased machine from and who I trust. I am in Aust

Thank you



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