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I need to time my Lenni after breaking 2 needles. Following the instructions, I am unable to get the hook assembly off the shaft.  I got it a little forward and now it is stuck. Won’t come out and won’t go back in. I tried WD40 and that has not helped. 
Any suggestions?

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Sorry I am unable to give you the advice you need.  However, if you are on Facebook, I suggest joining the We Love APQS group.  There are a lot of very knowledgeable users there, and you may very well get a faster response there than here.

Good luck!

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9 hours ago, SueD said:

You can also contact APQS directly through their contact form on the website.  They are very helpful even if you are not the original owner of the machine (covered by lifetime warranty).  

Sue, I believe the lifetime warranty is only for the original owner.  That being said, APQS service people are very helpful.

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Gfossman:  There's probably a burr on one of the lock screws holes in the hook.  I had the same problem with my Ult2 years ago.  The burr got pressed into the hook shaft and bound the hook to the shaft.  Finally managed to tap it off.  Remove all of the hook locking screws when trying to move it.

I do have a question about your attempted repair.  Why are you trying to remove the hook when you simply need to re-time?  Timing is usually simply a matter of rotating the hook one direction or another, or moving the hook a few thousandths of an inch forward or back.

I would suggest that your try to move the hook back to where it was when you started.  Simply tap straight on the shaft/pin that centers the bobbin in, with a soft hammer and see if you can't get it to move back.  If you get it back in place, try rotating the hook back and forth to press the burr so the hook is movable and then do your timing adjustment.  An alternative would be to tap the hook off the hook shaft.  Again work gently, and try to support the hook shaft so it doesn't move.  If you get it off, find the burr on the hook and polish it off.  Similarly, examine the hook shaft, and polish off any defects that might have occurred from said burr.  Good luck.  Jim

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