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Do you have the quilt tight on the frame?  You should be able to poke a finger underneath your quilt and grab it with your other hand down to about the first knuckle.  

Are you in stitch regulated or manual mode?  

Is this only happening at a particular speed or all of the time?  At a particular spot in the table or all over?

Do you have casters on the table?  Flooring type - carpet, tile, wood, concrete? 

Have you retightened all the bolts connecting the table to the legs?

I purchased a used Freddie and have been having the same issue.  I've been working with APQS to diagnose and resolve the problem.  After trying multiple things at home, I took the machine to a dealer.  The machine did the same thing on their table so it seems my issue is not with the table.  The machine is now back at APQS and they're supposed to look at it this week. 


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