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Robotics for 2008 Millie

L gipson

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I have a 2008 Millie with IntelliQuilter. I love it. The 2 work very nicely together. Originally I had a CompuQuilter and love those together but when the company started having problems I switched to a QuiltPath (pretty soon after it came out) and I hated that system. I couldn't get rid of it fast enough. I went with IntelliQuilter and have had it now for about 7 or so years. It can handle anything I throw at it from simple edge-to-edge, pantos, to custom. IQ has a great program that is being upgraded all the time and customer service is the best. Check it out.

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18 hours ago, L gipson said:


Thank you for your feedback. I am currently trying to find a preowned IQ!

Good luck! It is my understanding that pre-owned IQs are few and far between. People don't easily give them up and when they sell their longarm, the IQ usually goes with it. I recommend getting in touch with Zoltan Kasa at IQ. He might be able to help you.


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