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Civil War Block Exchange - 2013

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Several years ago, I initiated a Block Exchange using Civil War prints.  The following ladies participated:

Tonilyn Spring, Alaska

Terrance Coburn, Ohio

Heidi Patterson, Idaho

Marci Meyer, Iowa

Lily Huebsch, Alaska

Pam Hish

Vicki Oliver, Florida

Julie Psarras, Australia

Bonnie Hutcherson, California

Leslie Lund, Canada

Ann Haller, Washington

Libby Goulionis, Pennsylvania

I am finally getting mine together and would like to know the date we did this.  If anyone who participated remembers, please let me know the year.

I would also love to see the finished projects from these blocks.

Civil War Quilt.jpg

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Looks great!  I would also like to see what the others did with their blocks!

If you click on the "Activity" tab at the top left, you can look for posts you started, and possibly find your original post, which should show the date you are looking for.

Good luck!

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