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Upper Thread problem on Lenni - not tension

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We recently moved my Lenni for the 2nd time (short trip) and this time the top thread pulls nicely until I put it through the tension disc.  I've loosed the disc to almost nothing, and it still pulls hard.  When I pull it through the needle, the needle bends, then there's a release.  When I try to bring up the bobbin thread, it pulls hard again.  It's not done this before and I am wondering what troubleshooting and/or repair I need to look at.  I used the machine for a year after the last move and it was fine.

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Unthread and start from the beginning, you may have an extra loop somewhere.  Look very closely anywhere the thread touches (guides and check spring).  Over time your thread will wear a groove into those areas and cause tension issues or thread shredding.  Use a magnifying glass or grab the tread above and below the guide and drag it around the inside of the guide.  If there is a groove you will feel a slight catch.  If you find a groove on one of the pig tail guides loosen the screw and turn it upside down until you get a replacement.  I’ve also had a spool of thread that wasn’t wound properly that would catch and release causing all kinds of ugly tension every couple of feet.

Hopefully this gives you somewhere to start 


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