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Thread recommendations for George for ruler and free motion quilting

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Hello  everyone,

   purchased a "never been used" George this year, have been doing a lot of practicing on quilt sandwiches. Want to get started with quilting on some completed quilt tops. 

   do any of you George quilters out there, have advise on quilting thread to purchase, or stay away from with George? Glide, Superior, Mako?

   and also, what weight do you prefer?

           Thank you so much, Julie


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You should be able to use any quality thread in your George.  It really depends on the the look you want on your finished project.  The polyester based threads will typically have less lint than cotton threads.  So Fine is 50 wt poly with a matte finish, Glide is 40 wt poly with a sheen.  You can also use different threads in the bobbin and the top.  Just remember to check the top and bobbin tensions if you change threads.  You may need different tension settings even if the thread is the same weight.

Quilted Joy does have a thread sampler pack with different weights/brands - it's currently $93. 

You may need to change your needle size up/down to match your thread.  

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I might suggest that you  choose a thread brand/type and then quilt using only that thread type for a few sessions to get used to it.  It will help with your tension issues. When you switch bobbins and thread brands/types you probably will have to make small tension adjustments.  When you are first starting out, you want to keep as many things the same as possible so quilting is enjoyable verses being a challenge.

Get a donation quilt or two from your local quilt group and quilt your heart out on it.  Then when you return it, you will never see any of its mistakes again.  The person that receives it will cherish it, and you will have gotten great practice quilting from it.

Have a great time using your new George.  You will love it.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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