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Need new leaders for my Ultimate 1 14-ft frame.

Arlinda Atwood

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I need new leaders.  My old ones that were on my APQS Ultimate 1 frame when I bought it need to go. Should I go with the canvas ones that are on it or is there another type that can be used that I may like better? I knew the canvas would shrink when I tried doing one leader but it realllly shrank length wise. Now I must do something. I am new at this and want to start learning the process.

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Double sided carpet tape works.  For added security cover the edge with duct tape after you get the leaders straightly secured with the double sided tape.  Just make sure you remove the old adhesive, and use the weld line as your straight line across the rails.  Removing the old adhesive takes some effort.

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10 hours ago, Gail O said:

Double sided carpet tape works...

I found some double sided carpet tape at Harbor Freight to re-attach my shrunken leader, lol.  My old one must have been attached with a thick glue of some sort.  I started to scrape it but it was not going to come off.  I did try a little bit of acetone but it was difficult to let it soak in and didn't seem to affect it anyway. So I just left it because I didn't want to make a mess with chemicals/solvents and scrape up my bars.   I did follow the weld line to lay the tape.  It does hold the canvas very well. 

The tape is: Roberts Max Tape, 1-7/8" x 75'

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