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Sewing Binding on with Long Arm

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I've seen posts in the past from quilters who sew binding on their quilts using their long arm.  I'm looking for specific detailed instructions on how to do this.  If someone would be so kind as to write them out, or direct me to a set of instructions, I would appreciate it.

I wonder about how it's sewed, horizontal, vertical, or both.  Post and lintel, or mitered corners.  Batting trimmed to edge or plus 1/4 inch to fill binding.  And so on.  Thanks.  Jim 

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Good morning Jim. 
Youtube is your friend there are at least half a dozen videos.  Here is Dawn’s video and we used to do it similar except we would add the binding as we advanced the quilt and also do the final join on the domestic machine to get the mitred seam.  It goes very quick once you get the hang of it and if I remember correctly we would charge about ten cents per linear inch but that was also five years ago.  Also this is another I found on google. http://www.kimmyquilt.com/applying-binding-with-your-midarm-or-longarm-machine.htm


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I understand how to put the binding on with the LA on one side, but if you wanted to stitch it on the reverse side by machine, wouldn't you still have to use your domestic machine?  

If there's a better way, I'm always open to suggestions.  : )

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