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Any of you fine ladies have a suggestion as to what might look good in a border for a kid's quilt? It is a very busy I Spy quilt and I'm planning on using a small peacock meander in the body because it is simple and regular so it won't distract from all the different squares. The quilt is Prarie Path by Moda using light and dark squares and it shows up looking diagonally pieced. There are around 80 different fabrics all used about 3 times but in different sizes. The borders are 1" light spotty yellow then 4 inch medium blue background with varying sized bubbles in light yellow, light blue and green.

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are a new way of cutting fabric for sale. A lot of fabric companies are taking an entire line of fabric, cutting them into 2 1/2 inch strips, rolling them "jelly roll" style and selling them. New patterns are being designed for the new Jelly Roll fabric packs.

Just another marketing technique......similar to the charm packs/patterns.

I think it is a great way to get a bit of the entire line of fabric without having to buy a tower!

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Jelly rolls have everything to do with quilting. It takes a jelly roll in the morning to get you started, one for snack about 10:00 and another jelly roll for lunch. lol

The first time I used the pattern, I used a Kansas Troubles jelly roll to make a sample for the local quilt shop. Then I decided the pattern was fun and pretty, but I'm not a dark fabric quilter so I used light and dark blue batiks and cut my own strips. Now that I got into it, using all kinds of scraps, I tired the I spy.

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Follow the Line Quilt Designs. Boxes of panto-ish designs that you can trace or use with your lazer, I guess. I used some of these for my MIL's quilt a while ago - love them! There a a bunch of kiddy type designs in one of the boxes, maybe both. Airplanes and such. Check it out! There's a volume on and a volume two, but I don't know if there are any more. This website shows a book, but the ones I bought came loose in a box.

Hope this helps.

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