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Responding to Linda from Ramona...I took two classes from Irena Bluhm in Paducah this spring. I saw many of her beautiful quilts!!! (Also, she is quite a lovely person and so very excited to teach her classes. She's great to be around.)

Ferrett, Irena stitches her whole cloth quilts and then paints them, both back and front. They are amazing. It is certainly a different technique than you are using, but you may want to check out how innovative her work is, too. You definately have many ribbons coming your way with your unique style and talent.


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Ferret - It has already been said but - - WOW !!! I LOVE this quilt!! You

have just made my kind of wholecloth! I think I could do this! It looks just

great! I have seen so many white or off-white / ivory wholeclothes.... Now

don't get me wrong, they are beautiful and elegant and such.... just never

really "turned me on". Can I say that? Do you all know what I mean? I just

happen to love and thrive on bright colors - and on the black background,

this is just perfect! You never would have acheived the same results on a

white background.

After seeing your photos -who knows? I might now just be tempeted to

make one myself. I have not tried the Masterpeice thread yet, but it sure

does look pretty nice and shiney on your quilt! Will have to get a bit and

give it a whirl......I do have a question though.... I am guessing that you

marked this out on your background before you loaded it on your machine.

What did you use for this?? on such a dark fabric.... and did it all come off

allright?? Looks like it, looks just great! I have to look at those photos

again...... WOW!!

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Oh - one more question... Is that a metalic thread that you used for the

outlines? o.k. one more question... What was your inspiration for this quilt?

(had to look at it again today - so cool!!) Thanks for sharing your art with

us - such great ideas!

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Well my mouth finally closed, thank goodness I was getting a sore jaw from it being dropped so far down. THAT IS ONE ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUSLY GORGEOUS quilt. Oh my if the judges don't award you bestest of the best, they are nuts. Just my humble opinon. thank you for sharing. It makes me very proud to know you if even just through this forum.

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