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Jen and I just got home from our visit with Jess and Tommy. Little Tommy looks beautiful. He has good color, and he looks filled out and healthy. They are running some test tomorrow and then they may get to go home in the afternoon....get ready April!!

I didn't take pictures of the baby because he was sleeping so sound....and you all have seen his picture....but I did take pictures of Jess and the quilt.


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Absolutely beautiful quilt!!! You are such a wonderful bunch of people and I hope to meet you in the future.

Tommy called after all their company left last night and said they were going to have to check into having a wooden frame with a glass front made to put their quilt in for safe keeping. I told him "not until that baby boy wore it out. It was made to wrap that baby and his momma in for love and comfort." I think they were surprised it was so awesome. Thank you all so much for being a part of this baby's family.

Grandma April (this one is lucky #7)

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Wow, Linda, you did an AWESOME job on that quilt!

April, what a beautiful girl you have there, and I know she'll be a wonderful mom to Tommy Jr. And NO don't let them frame that brand new quilt, LOL!! You are so right, we will all be disappointed if so much love and prayers are put behind glass, instead of wrapping Jess and Tommy and Tommy in comfort. Don't let them do it!! :mad: (Now, THAT would make me mad.... LOL!! :D )

May Jess feel very healthy very soon, to care for the very healthy looking little boy she and Tommy brought into the world for us self-named aunties and grannies to love. :)

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