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We need more pictures on this site. As I love looking at them.

So I just thought I would show you my charity quilts I have done.

I didn't make them, I just quilted them.

This is my 3rd and 4th quilt I have quilted on my Millie

Hope you like them



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Now those are great charity quilts...I love it when people make charity quilts "quality" instead of just putting icky stuff together just to get rid of it and then quilting something quick...and sometimes icky! People who recieve these quilts deserve to have something pretty and you did it!! Oops, got up on that soap box again! Sorry!!

I love CL!! You did a great job.

Mary Beth

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Mary Beth, you are just saying what I was thinking. I always spend too long on the QOV quilts, that's why I have to really limit how many I can take in each month. I have 4 here right now, waiting for me to get my butterflies off the frame. I'm about sick of that one, even though it is beautiful. So far it has 30 1/2 hours of quilting time, and I've got one row to go. I must just quilt slow. I'll post a picture of it when it's done.

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Originally posted by quiltmonkey

Oh! I like both quilts very much!

Joy, I especially like how you included the toes of your Crocs in the photo. LOL! :);)

(think of it this way: it gives the quilt perspective and size)

Shana you are way too funny! I never noticed until you pointed out the crocs. I had to roll back up to check it out.

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