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I am a newbie with a question about turning the quilt when you are doing borders. I do the top and bottom borders and then I take the whole quilt off, turn it and repin it to the quilt top leader and the take up roller. However, I can never roll it tight enough and it seems very floppy at the top and bottom no matter how I adjust the rollers. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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quiltingbird: I am by no means an expert at this, as I have only been doing longarm for 6 months! BUT, I can relate...I found that it helps to get rid of any "extra" fabric/batting by trimming the edges down to just 2" all around before you reattach the quilt...That leaves enough fabric there for pinning, clamping, etc, and gets rid of excess bulk which could prevent a nice tight roll. I'm sure there is alot more advice out there from those who have been doing this longer, but that does make a noticeable difference when I have done it that way! Happy quilting! Jule:)

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