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I'm just starting out on my business. I will be getting my machine on the 29th or 30th of this month...so exited. I will be doing a small part-time business. My plan is to start doing customer quilts at least a month or two after I get my machine and so that we can get aquainted. I have quilted on a stretched machine but the Milli handles very diffrently so I know there will be a learning curve.

My question is this. For those of you that do thread color changes on a customer quilts (something I don't personally do on my own quilts and I generally quilt in a white/off white or neutral color) do you change the bobbin color as well as the top thread? Pesonally I don't like the look but I'm sure I'll run into somebody who will want me to change colors in different places and I'm curious to know how you all handle that. I like the stitches to hide so I use SoFine & bottom line a lot and let the quilting show not the thread. I also use signature a lot but find that the thread shows a whole lot more. The thought of getting the bobbin thread in a different color and top thread to stitch without pokies is a bit worrisome for me. I hate pokies and even with a perfectly balanced stitch on my old machine depending on the direction I was stitching I would see some pokies.

Any suggestions on how you handle this would be greatly appreciated.


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