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We have recently found out that we will be moving from East Tennessee to North of Philadelphia near Allentown. The move is being handled by a relocation company and the machine will be handled by the appliance company that readies washers, etc for moving. Does anyone have any tips/ stories to share about moving a LA.? After a rough start, my Millenium and I are getting along GREAT and I am concerned about anything that might happen to change that - especially any damage to the tracks or table. I have the box for the head, so feel pretty ok about it.

My business had just started to take off and now I'll be starting all over again - another 'adventure':D !! My motto lately is' Bloom where you're planted'---I think I see a new quilt in that!

Thanks in advance.

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I just moved from Nevada to New York....I had kept the original shipping box that the LA frame was in so it went back into that, and then into the belly of the moving van....I packed it up and they moved it to the truck, the head went back into its shipping box, but I kept that with me in our little trailer...all went well and its back up and running. Good luck on your move should be just fine.


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We move, install and set up many machines so we have a lot of experience with moving them. I hope you kept your shipping box that the Millie came in. You will need to remove the axles and handles to get it back in the box. I would consider moving it my self. High Value in one box. Maybe you have a local dealer has the other boxes for the tubes and rails for the table. I would ship it in parts not as one piece. Assembly is not time consuming. You can call Mark or feel free to call me if you need help. Shipping in original containers assures that you system will be protected. I hope this has been help and not confusing. If you want a personal reply just call or email us at Country Lane Quilting.

Good luck.

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I had to move my machine about 3yrs ago, Alllied moved me. One of the guys and myself took it apart and labeled each rod and connecting ends with masking tape and numbered them. We left the Plexiglas table in one unit but broke the machine down into manageable sections all labeled and numbered. The movers and I put it back together in 30 mins and had no problems. I did not have a box for the head as I had picked my machine up at the end of a show, but they wrapped the head in packing blankets and were very careful with everything. It was very easy and now I wouldn't hesitate to move it again but hope I don't have to. :D



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