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quilting suggestions please


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I have recieved the raffle quilt for our guild and have some questions. I've not used more than one design on a quilt before and need some guidelines. I want to do a baptist fan in the body of the quilt and crosshatch on the appliqued border. How do I stablilize it ? I thought it would have to be turned to do the borders seprately. Is this true ? All suggestions and advice is welcome. Thanks, Glenda

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Since no one else has jumped in, guess I'll take a shot. You didn't mention how big the applique border is or if you plan on outlining the applique, but if it were me...

1-load the top- (I float all my tops) so that stitches down the top edge.

2- SID along the inner edge of the border. Pin the outer edges REALLY well.

3- do the BF in the center. That secures the center.

4- SID down the insides of the border and outline the applique. That stabilizes the border

5-advance the quilt. and repeat.

6- Then go back and do the cross-hatch in the border. YI don't think you will need to turn the quilt.

You would probably end up doing lots of walking around the machine, but I don't know if you want to leave the borders free while doing the BF. I have been pinning my edges not stitching them for a while now because when I basted them and then quilted, I got a bit of fullness around the basting that I didn't like.

You will probably get lots better advice than this. I tend to do things the hard way.


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I would basically do what Leslie recommended but would add the following:

I would stabilize the inside border with SID and would stitch around the applique. If you are worried about doing the SID, use invisible thread for both the SID and around the edge of the applique. Pin the outside border (edges) as you go along. Measure the quilt with every turn to see that the quilt is remaining square. You may need to work in some fullness thru the baptist fan part so that the borders lay flat. That is assuming that the borders started out flat.

With the crosshatching, I wouldn't be turning the quilt. I would do the crosshatch in the area exposed after doing the baptist fan portion.


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