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New pics of Trillium House Studio

Darlene Epp

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Kudos to you girl....your new home/studio are beautiful...

It's been a few years since I've been to your studio, trecking through a horrible snow/ice storm and all.

What a beautiful area for your creativity....thank you for sharing...;)

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okay let's actually try to post the whole message! Does anyone know where or what those hanging baskets that Darlene has for her fabric storage are called or where to get them? ( except Wallmart, don't have one, can't go there long story) I really need to get my fabric pile under control if I ever want to get the "Sew and go" chair I bought at Innovations anywhere near my milli please advise. I tried to attach the photo of the storage to my reply but that currently seems too much for my abilities thanks-mwl

it is photo #23 of her new studio album on webshots http://community.webshots.com/user/depp81344

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I just sent Dale a private note. Have been struggling with my website for the last 2 days. It was hijacked, but I got it back!

Anyway, the basket system is from Ikea. It's the Antonius system, VERY affordable and very portable. We've moved these drawers and reconfigured them 3 times now. DH says we are NOT taking them to the nursing home. :P

Here's a link to the frame part;


The 4 drawer frame is $5.99 and the 6 drawer frame is $9.99. The wire drawers are only $3.50 each. That's only $51 for a unit that is 10 drawers high. This is the U.S. site. I shop in the Burnaby store near Vancouver, BC and our prices were slightly higher, but still MUCH cheaper than Home Depot or any of the other stores. AND they're much more versatile. There are now several different drawer styles to choose from. I can tell you that the wire drawers are very sturdy and have not bent or warped at all, even when packed FULL of fabric.

It's the best system I've ever had, and I can't imagine how anything could be easier to use or more affordable. Sure beats the rubbermaid totes I used to break my back lifting when I had to go "fabric" diving for somehting I just KNEW I had, but couldn't find. Now I can put my hands on any piece of fabric within seconds. It's easy to pull out a drawer, and see exactly what's in it at a glance because of the way I fold the fabric.

Thanks for all the comments on my new space. I call it "my little heaven" and feel SO lucky to have it.

Someone asked about the back "yard". Our yard ends at the grass and the common area is the waterfall, creek, pond and surrounding area. On a nice day I just open the door by my quilting machine and listen to the waterfall and babbling brook and the yellow finches singing and playing. Another bit of heaven is that someone ELSE mows the lawns every Tuesday, rain or shine.

Several have mentioned how organized my space is. I can tell you honestly that I did not clean it up to take the pictures. Some of you have been in my last sewing room, where you almost had to sign in blood that you wouldn't reveal the horrors of it! Yes, the system was there, but it was so covered with "stuff", it was hardly useable.

My secret? FlyLady.net It's taken me since last January to get things in order around here, but it sure feels good. I've given away (blessed someone else with) a lot of stuff I don't miss and didn't need, and that didn't make me smile. If I don't love it, if it doesn't touch a warm place in my heart, out it goes. This has been SO liberating! It's been a gradual process, but one day I looked around and realized it was much more peaceful and less stressful around here. I HIGHLY reccommend this site. Just start with the Baby Steps and jump in where you are. Before you know it, you won't be in CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) anymore.

Enough from me. My website is finally back where it belongs and the bad guy who hijacked it has no more control. Tonight I will sleep well! :)


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Originally posted by nineva

What I want to know is how that monitor is attached to the Millie. I cannot quite see how it is done. I want it too...

The monitor is for the CompuQuilter. I bought a larger monitor and an extendable arm (on E-Bay for $24.95) which can also be attached to the wall. There is a bracket on the left side of the table just like the one the motor is mounted to on the right side. I had a leftover piece of metal tubing from my original overhead wiring system, cut it down, drilled a couple more holes in it and screwed it to the table bracket, then attached the monitor arm to the pole. The arm screws into the back of almost any flat screen monitor. I like it down low because I have progressive lenses and am also not supposed to tip my head back, so this height works great for me.

When using the CQ, I clamp a white shelf onto the Hartley tension rods and use that for a cordless keyboard and mouse. When I don't need them, they're "parked" elsewhere.

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I live in "Cow Town"! We don't have an Ikea, and there is not one close by...it says on that link that "this item is not available on-line"....I guess I need to take a road trip.

I went to FlyLady.com , boy, do I need that site. I printed off a couple of things to start working on my spaces...looks like I am going to be busy for a few days.

Thanks Darlene.

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Ok then, Darlene. I am off to Best Buy or Costco to get that big gorgeous monitor I saw. Costco has an extendable arm for up to 23" also. I can figure out the pole thing. Me and my DeWalt drill are well acquainted. I like what you did. It also frees up room of not having a desk at the end of my machine. You are so cool to think these things up. I have been pondering this ever since I got my CQ.

I did solve my batting storage problem by hanging the rolls one on top of the either up one wall. I put a small 12"x3" board on each end of the intended hanging spot, then attached closet rod holders to those boards so as not to rip apart the wall. Then I put the batting roll on an appropriate size closet rod and hung it on the brackets. I put four of these contraptions up the wall, with some of that plastic you can get on the roll behind them so the batting doesn't snag on the wall. I also put a 6 foot tape down each side of the rolls so I can measure right off the roll, and I use a long light weight firring strip to cut straight across. Works like a charm for me and takes up little space. The closet rod holders hold the batting out far enough even for a new roll.

So wehn are you offering advanced classes?

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Darlene, I agree with you on clearing things out. Once I decided to do it, and really stopped to think and look at what I had, and what I use, or what to keep and what to clear out.. It made everything more fun, easier to use/clean and just considerably more relaxing.

I am down to just one Small portable kitchen pantry for all my quilting fabrics.. Clothing fabrics and curtain/drape/dustruffle fabrics all go in another cupboard with blocks from swaps and tops waiting to be quilted. All other crafts, paints, foam art, beads, etc go in two other cupobards. So now I have a craft/cutting/guest room, which is really easy to convert, and a quilting room, which I won\'t let anyone stay in.

Now and then it gets real messy like the last couple days when putting Lenni together, and embroidering state names on fabrics for the dwr quilts.. going on at the same time.. getting mixed up.. mixing me and my brain up.

Anyway.. I know it\'s my personal choice.. and thats CHOICE to NOT die with the most.. I\'d rather use as much of it as I go, than have it deteriorating, or being left for the kids/grandkids to throw out or give away. What good is it to spend $$ to benefit others when we could use the same for things we really want and could use, like the HF and CL or QEZ, or more pricy units with more bells and whistles..

I love the freedom the lack of stuff gives me, and the not worrying about how it looks when folks stop by, is terrific..


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