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I have an APQS Millenium and it has run beautifully until about an hour ago. It's about 4 years old and I don't over use it by any means. Today, when I pushed the yellow needle up-down button, it went up and down several times before it stopped. I turned on the stitch regulator, pushed the start button and the machine ran just fine. Then, when I pushed the machine regulator button to stop - again - it took 4-5 times of needle up down before it stopped. Any ideas as to how to correct this problem?

Thanks for the help!


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Call APQS and they'll walk you through adjustments to the #8 screw. It controls the needle up/down speed. I've made this adjustment twice since I set up my Millie in April. If you can't reach APQS, search the chat for "needle up/down" - this happens to most of us at one time or another. If you're not comfortable making the adjustment yourself, I found if my Millie had a time-out (let her cool down a little) the problem goes away, at least for a little while.

Have faith - your Millie will sew sweetly again soon!

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Here is what I have typed up, easy adjustment! ;)

Adjusting the APQS Millennium?s

Needle Up/Down Speed

There is a tiny screw under the top cover of the APQS Millennium that needs to be adjusted. It is very easy to access and adjust if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Before you do anything, you first need to unplug your machine!

Also, as you are working on it, it is a good idea to touch the metal on the cover frequently to be sure you don't have any static.

Step 2: Now that the machine is unplugged, you can remove the front two bolts on each side of the top cover. Follow the arrows in the following picture for the location of those screws.

Step 3: Next, you need to slightly loosen the 3rd bolt from the front on each side of the top cover as shown below. You don't need to remove it, just loosen it. It becomes the hinge for the top front cover (as you'll see in the Step 4).

Step 4: Now pull up on the front of the top cover so you can access the tiny screw as shown below.

Step 5: Look at the following photo to see which screw to adjust. It is the only screw pointing to the side, so that makes it easy to find. Turn this screw counter clockwise to increase the needle up/down speed, and clockwise to slow it down.

I would suggest turning it one full rotation, then close the cover (you don't have to put the bolts back in yet), plug your machine back in, and push your needle up button to see if the speed is okay. If it's not quite right yet, then unplug your machine, lift the front of the cover, and adjust the screw again. Repeat these steps until the speed is about where you want it. You can rotate it a half a turn at a time to fine tune it.

Final Step: When the speed is where you want it, you can close the cover and put the bolts back in. Don't tighten the bolts until they are all in because you might have to move the cover slightly to get the bolt holes to line up.

If the needle up/down speed is too fast, it will start to over-cycle, which means that when you press the button to stop stitching, it will continue to stitch a few extra stitches. If it does this, you will simply need to turn that little screw clockwise one full turn, and try it again.

Also remember, that as the machine breaks in (and also as it warms up) the needle up speed will increase slightly. So you may have to slow it down a little bit if it starts over-cycling.

So that's it. You now know how to adjust the needle up/down speed for an APQS Millennium.

Feel free to call if you have questions.

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My problem was just the opposite, my needle doesn't go up enough to release the bobbin thread, or quite down enough to stay in the fabric.  I need to use the flywheel a lot, just like the older mechanical machines, where you had to be sure to raise your needle all the way up by hand, in order not to have the thread pull out when you started sewing again.  (I'm so glad for "Needle up" functions!)  I'm figuring that all I need to do is turn #8 counter-clockwise to speed this up.  However, I'm not able to necessarily adjust things by just holding the flywheel, am I?   Jane

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Contact APQS service.  It sounds like you have a different problem than needle positioning speed.  You may need to make an adjustment to the magnetic collar.  I had to do it once years ago after one of us jammed a rag in the hook and the belt jumped a tooth.  I’ve also heard of one or two people have had the collar come loose.  APQS will email you excellent directions with pictures and get you fixed up quickly.



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