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My Ugly Quilt


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When I was piecing this quilt at guild everyone would say, "Oh, that\'s interesting." Real meaning (ugly)

No one really understood Kaffe Fassett fabric and how it works and the magic that happens when it\'s pieced. So I quilted the heck out of it to prove them wrong and I really named it, My Ugly Quilt. When I entered in the local quilt show people would track me down to see if I was the owner of the ugly quilt.

When I said yes they would say, "Oh it\'s not ugly, it\'s pretty"

It got so much attention because of the silly name.

More pictures on webshots:



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Well Joann,

I will be happy to take your "ugly" quilt off your hands any time.

Like Bonnie, the Kaffe Fassett fabrics don\'t talk to me - they give me a sensory overload and intimidate me! A lot of the quilts I have seen using these fabrics are "interesting", some even very "interesting". You have really managed to make these fabrics sing harmoniously and the quilting is striking as well.

I am very inpressed as a newbie. Do you ladies realise how high a Bar you are actually raising? Do I give up discouraged now? Nah........... I\'ll just have to practice another few hundred hours I think! ;):P

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