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Auto-advance ~ to have or not to have

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Your Millie comes standard with the power advance. Three of our tables have power advance. I think you will find it great. We used a table for six years without one and i'm sure you will love this feature. If you contact your local dealer they will be glad to go over everything that comes with your Millie or you can call us, we would be glad to help.


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I also have the regular table without the auto advance. The only time I wish I had the auto is when I'm doing very detailed custom work and moving the quilt back and forth alot or when I have huge blocks that necessitate lots of back and forth movement. Most of the time I like the control I have over the tension on the different parts. Like the quilt I have on right now has some piecing issues and the borders aren't quite even. I can vary the tension on the top to enable me to ease in some areas and tighten up others to somewhat compensate for the uneven piecing so it will be straighter when it's finished. I've used the motorized feed a little but I'm not sure if that flexibility is possible. Now the hydrolic lift I think would be wonderful to have. jeri

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I didn't have it on my Discovery with the wooden table, but it came with the table I now have for my Liberty. It is not an option that I ever would have chosen to get, but since it is there, I must admit that it is very, very nice to have! As John said above, it comes with the table, so you might as well enjoy it!

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I have it.

Remember, if you get it that when you want to unroll a quilt from the top leader you must have it turned on and its loud compared to manually rolling them off which is silent. AND- It is much slower than I am.

However, because IT does all the work, I can sit back and watch it, effortlessly.

You may find that you absolutely love it. Can you test drive one with it before you buy it? It may be something worth seeing. Whatever you choose, congratulations. I know you will love it. They are awesome machines. I love mine more with every quilt.

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Originally posted by griff

I am getting ready to order my millineum and am trying to decide if I need the auto-advance. I appreciate any advice you can give me.


My advise is:

YES, YES, YES!!!! Time is money, and this is one feature of the table that has saved me HOURS of time. I did one quilt where I sat on my drafting stool the whole time. It was intense quilting with a LOT of precise outlining (Micro-Drive ROCKS!!) and fine texture work.

I put the foot pedal up by the rollers, and could just press down on it to advance or retreat a few inches at a time. I can't imagine how much longer it would have taken if I'd had to hoist myself down off that stool everytime to adjust the quilt. I think I'd have not done it as often, just because of the time factor and the inconvenience, and I'd have tried to quilt outside of my optimum reach for this kind of precise quilting.

If you KNOW you will only do pattern quilting, then it's not so important, BUT you never know what style of quilting you'll be doing a year, or 3 years from now. I KNEW I would never do anything but pattern quilting and was even known as "The Panto Queen". Surprise, surprise!! I ended up not only doing freehand custom work but publishing "The Pocket Guides to Freehanding". NO ONE is more surprised about this than I am!!

You just never know where this business will take you. For me, that foot pedal is my best friend when I'm doing custom work. And it doesn't take very long for my students to appreciate the convenience either. I know the A-1 has a similar feature, but theirs is a strip on the floor (I think). The HUGE advantage with our system is that you can move that foot pedal anywhere, and get very precise positioning with just a quick "tap" on it.

You still have absolute control over both rollers with a simple hand twist on each roller to loosen or tighten. I never use my tension block at all, and have it tightened down just enough that the rollers stay where I put them, but also move when I step on the pedal. I DO give the rollers a bit of extra help with my hands so there isn't too much tension on the fabric as I'm rolling.

There are many features on our machines and table that I'd fight to keep, but the auto fabric advance with the foot pedal is one I'd fight REALLY hard for!!

Someone said they don't have it and don't miss it. You aren't going to miss what you've never had. To me that's like saying "I have an outhouse and don't miss having indoor plumbing" when you don't know what it is and what it can do for you! ;)



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Guest Linda S

I love the auto advance too. I have a Liberty and, if I want to do larger size blocks, it's easy to advance and retreat, as Darlene says! ;) Makes that smaller space very versatile. Also, I have other things I can be doing while it's unrolling a quilt after I've finished!


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"Auto" says it all. Leave the "driving" to APQS. Awesome! Fun! So, go ahead - pamper yourself and be comfortable - you deserve it (and so do your quilts!) :)

I love mine and wouldn't be without it. Darlene said it well - and I agree, your time is money!

When I researched to by my Millie, it was a no brainer to go with APQS's Millie and the auto advance - so drive the "caddy" - live large and get the results you want (without the strain!)

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Although this is a now part of the basic Millennium pkg, it was only an option at the time of my machines purchase. I trusted the opinion of others and made the financial leap of faith. WOW!! It not only save me an incredible amount of time but I also find that it keeps the fabric tension very consistant and even- much more so than when I was doing it manually.

Enjoy the features of your new machine and let them make your life easier.

Michelle L. Miller/The Quilter's Cabin

Perham, MN


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The auto-advnce was one of the selling features for me as I have arthritis in my knees and recentky had a torn meniscus in my lft. knee.. needless to say that it is much easier to move by pressing a pedal than going back and forth via cranking or turning. Like the idea of being able to use when moving justa little at a time as listed in earlier replies...one more great idea to try...Beverly in NC.:)

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