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grant writing

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I thought about this several years ago....even went so far as to take a grant writting class, (it cost over $700) and learned that the government money isn\'t that easy to get. I learned that if I wanted to upgrade my machine with government money I would have to be willing to want to teach others how to use the machine and be willing to open my studio or enlarge my studio so that it could become a work place for others who also wanted to learn how to quilt, by LA or DSM.

I would have had to have a game plan in which I would have to explain why I needed the money, and why they should give it to me. I would have to explain that I was willing to help others that weren\'t as fortunate as I, and how I planned to help them for a certain period of time, and how I planned to keep the program going for said period of time. I would need to explain why I should be getting the money instead of someone else should they also be asking for it regardless if they were in my area or across the country, and why I would be the better of the two or more asking.

It was way to many hoops for me to jump through as a person who had never done it before....I suggest finding a grant writer and paying them the money it would involve. Also I haven\'t really checked into it, but you know that silly little dude with the yellow suit and the questions marks...he has a book that looked way more simple than the course I took.

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Boy Bonnie

you hit it on the head, I am a grant writer for a non profit there is very little money for non profits and even less for people who are not non profits. Most grants require you to have a 501c3.

Gosh I am so tired of jumping through hoops to get grant money!

good luck hope you can find some free money but watch out for scams remember there is an old saying there is no free ride! so beware if you have to pay up front DON"T as a grant writer I have not paid application fes and those websites that want you to pay for information they just give ou info that already free you have to searches on your own and read through everything!! I think it would be easier to get a second job than find free money

good luck and beware!

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