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my liberty is creating extra long stitches (.1/2 inch up to 2 inches long) is this a fault of the stitch regulator. These stitches are not being missed because the needle has not punched the fabric, they seem to be extra long stitches. I have not had a problem with this machine which I have had for a year now.


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Hi Ray,

Yes, if you don't see a needle hole, then it is in the S.R.

If you loosen the gold bolt under the wheel with the

encoder box, there is one on carraige and one on machine..

I would go ahead and adjust them both..

Once the bolt is loose, slide the black box in closer and then

tighten it back down..

Let me know if you have any trouble

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I have adjusted them both, itdoesn,t make any difference. I disconnected them and then tried them singly, the side to side movement makes a perfect stitch every time, it's the one that goes backwards and forwards thar seems to be causing the problem, is there anything else that can be adjusted. Thanks for your reply.

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You might be putting downward pressure on the handles and lifting the back of the machine up. This causes the wheel to come off the rail and the encoder wheel does not turn causing a long stitch. Have you had the upgrade performed that includes moving the front axle forward? This eliminates the issue of lifting the back of the machine up? A lighter touch on the handles might be in order.


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John, you mentioned moving the axles forward. That sounds like a good idea. I know that there are several modifications to the original Millennium and wonder if APQS has something like technical bulletins that give all the upgrade information?

Sure would be nice to see what upgrades can be done to each model. That way we could see what they do and decide which ones we want to make.

Now we have to be lucky and hear or read about upgrades and go to shows to find out what improvements have been made. Maybe there is already a place on the web site but I have not seen it.


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