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My First Feathered Star


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Here is a photo of the very first Feathered Star block that I

have ever made..... I am thinking about sending this out to

(#23) Nita - but it took me SO long to make this little thing!!

Can you count how many pieces of fabric are in this baby?

I did - there are 129 - YES! I said - 129 Tiny Little Pieces!!!

Some quilt tops have fewer number of pieces....

It is an 8" square. I used the "Little Bits" paper foundation pattern

by Cindi Edgerton. It did go together pretty well, once I

understood "how" she had written the pattern.

The fabrics, all except for the green and the outer Timbleberries,

are going to be used in the raffle quilt for our guild in 2009.

Since we will have feathered stars on that one, I thought I

better try to make one myself!!


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Patty - I just can NOT image making enough of these little babys for a full

size quilt! No way!! Not at this point in my life anyway - maybe after my

girls are grown and out of school. I hope I will have more time then..... we

shall see!

Cathy - For our Show quilt we need 4 for in the outer corners and then

there will be a big Double (or maybe even triple) Feathered Star in the

center of it. Then it is surrounded by flying geese, a ribbon braid, another

row of geese I think and then background.... the very outside will have a

row of square in the square blocks, that fade into the background. I think

I will be quilting this baby eventually. The officers of the Guild have asked

me to already, and have voted on it. We shall see. I feel a bit weird about

that, only because I am chairing the committee to make the quilt. I don\'t

want the guild members to think that I am doing this JUST so I get to quilt

the quilt - does that make sense? I will post photos of that quilt we make it.

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I can\'t wait to see pictures. As you describe it, it sounds stunning! And as far as feeling weird about quilting it... I understand, but hey, they asked you to! They voted, and you got it. They obviously know a good thing when they see it! :D

Enjoy it! (and be glad you don\'t have to make all of those blocks yourself!!) :P

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Judi - Never counted the pieces when I made one for Nita and perhaps she will feel like I sent her more blocks. Yes, they sure are time consuming. Also made one for myself since Cathey had given me some nice Christmas fabric and instructions on how to make one. Can\'t wait to see what you do with them in this marvelous quilt. I\'m off to quilt breaking my rest period of over a month. Imagine that! The studio has been really quiet, almost in mourning. For what I do not know. Maybe I\'m starting a new chapter in my quilting life.


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WOW! And holy C--P!

It\'s beautiful.................but man those are small. I happened to save this pattern and have picked out fabric for the making of it...........BUT now I should really go look at the directions!!!!!

It\'s great and will be amazing with it\'s finished.

In the label it should read just how many pieces of fabric were used.


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Yes - Paper piecing - with very TINY stitches!! And have a needle nose plyers handy to help pull out the paper when done - OR better yet - use disolvable paper - well worth the price for the time it saves. Can you imagine a whole quilt with these!!!

DON\'T use just regular paper.... I am now having a big problem with that right now. Somebody thought to recycle old invoices or something and the stitches are pulling way up from the fabric and getting very loose. gggrrrr.......

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