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What to do after batting pokies?


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Hi Guys,

I recently quilted a quilt for a lady who brought me a very thin stretchy batting to use. I had batting pokies on the back, after my first pass I saw them and changed the needle. It helped some, but I still had the pokies.

She just e-mailed me about them and suggested that I try changing my needle more often. :(

It seems that no matter what I do, I have at least some batting pokies on the back. I usually use So Fine or Bottom Line in the bobbin.

My question is this, is there somthing I can do to suck the pokies back into the quilt after it is quilted but before I give it to the customer?


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If you have got scrim which is up and which down? When quilting on my DSM I have always put the smoother sides up so that there are fewer rough bits on the top surface which may show through the quilt front. Pokies don\'t seem such a problem on the DSM, is this due to the harder punching power of the long arm?

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This particular quilt was using a really thin cotton type of Quilters Dream. I try really hard every time to tell which side is up and which side is down. But really I just feel that I am guessing. I can\'t be putting it upside down all the time can I?

I was looking at the last quilt that I did. It had really cheap brown fabric with no pattern on it on the back, and I didn\'t have one batting pokie. Then I realized that my customer had sent one of those huge puffy poly batts. I didn\'t do anything different. It must be the batting.

So, how do I get rid of them after they are quilted in?

Sheryl, can you explain what you mean by "ruff the quilt up"?


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It is easier to tell which side goes up on Warm & Natural, it goes "dirty side up". I know that Quilter\'s Dream does not have scrim onthe cotton batts. I have always gone with the soft side up for QD cotton.

Is it possible that your needle has a burr in it? When I have had pokies in the past, I have found that they are gone or hardly noticeable after a wash/dry cycle.

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I sent an email off to Quilter\'s Dream about \'which side is up?\' on their cotton batts. I just got this reply

Hi Linda,

Quilters Dream Batting does not have a top or a bottom -- so how ever you lay out the batting will work just fine.

Thank you very much for using Quilters Dream Batting.

We greatly appreciate it.

Happy Holidays,

The Staff at Quilters Dream Batting

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I got a lot of pokies on my last customer quilt (brown moda fabric on back, brown and green modas [i think] on the front, W&N batting). I had read here that you can put the quilt in the dryer to get rid of the pokies, so I mentioned it to my customer.

She told me later that after she got the binding on she had used a water spray bottle to dampen the back of the quilt and threw it in the dryer.

Presto!! No more pokies!

One more thing... I was told (or I read somewhere, can\'t remember which) that the dirty side goes down.... so now I\'m confused.

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