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Put on the new hopping foot today. Had to re-time the machine. Very frustrated because I had trouble locating all of the proper tools.

Now, the hopping foot is too low to put the needle plate back on the machine. I have loosened the screw and pushed it up higher, but how do I know where to stop?

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1. Remove the needle

2. Raise the HF and operate the machine with the wheel until the needle bar and the HF are in the lowest position.

3. I believe the factory says 1/2 a business card. I use a feeler gage (automotive or machinist) .030 inches.

4. Move the hopping foot down on the gage. (The gage will be between the HF and the plate.

5. Align the needle bar to the center of the opening in the HF.

6. Tighten the HF screw and reinstall you needle and you are ready to go.

Feel free to email or call me if you have any problems.


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