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Help! anyone have any ideas. My light will not come on. I have purchased a new one and replaced the old one. The new one will not work either. Is there some sort of balister that is on these light bulbs as large flouresent have? If so what size and how do I fix it. Why do the problems always happen after APQS closes for the weekend. Di

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Take the front cover with the meter off . Screws are on the sides, you will find a florescent starter in a socket. I have found the socket cracked before. Try reseating the starter. A little round silver unit plugged into a socket. Your local hardware or Home Depot will have the starter and the florescent tube (same as used in many computer scanners) in stock. This unit starts the florescent lamp. Anoter thing to check is the contacts for the florescent tube. Make sure they are making good contact. Good luck

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