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screws are Rounded- how do I get them out?

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Hi Diane,

My screwdriver stripped the screws,when I tried to open the cover. We got a kit called screw doctor at Home Depot. It was cheap and worked really well.

It has a glue that helps the screwdriver not lose its hold, and it has little diamond cutters, so if the glue doesn't work,with a drill, you actually cut a little bigger slot and then you can unscrew it with a little bit bigger screw driver. Sounds a little weird, but it wasn't hard. You will probably need a drill though.

I switched out the old screws with new screws from home Depot, with better heads, that would not strip, and had no problem removing the cover after that.


Kerri :)

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I have been quite successful removing damaged screws by taking a scratch awl and putting it in the middle of the damaged screw and then taping it with a hammer. This loosens the threads. I have also cut a slot in the screw head with a cutoff blade on a Dremel tool then used a slotted screwdriver. Sears has a damaged screw removal kit. It is not cheap but to the best of my knowledge it works quite good. A possible problem with replacing the screws with harder screws you then have the possibility of stripping the threads in the machine.

Good Luck


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Guest Linda S

It's very important to use the correct size screwdriver and use proper pressure when removing screws of any kind. Most will strip easily if you don't. I have a screwdriver with changeable bits so I can get them to fit tightly. I've never had any trouble with the screws on my machine, even though they were tightened quite a bit.


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