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Blew a fuse on the machine?

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I'm so frustrated. :mad: I accidentally hit a pin when I was quilting a border and, of course broke my needle. I know the timing is now WAY OFF now (and I JUST had it re-timed). BUT - the major problem is that my machine turned off when I hit the pin like it blew a fuse and I cannot get it to come back on. It's not the wall outlet - so I know it has to be the machine. Is there a re-set button on the machine or did I completely ruin it? I'm so upset. Any advise would be most appreciated. Thanks, Mary

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Had something similiar happen to me. There is a fuse in a little black box area near the on/off switch. There will even be an extra fuse in the box that you can use.

I was lucky in that I didn't have to retime my machine, just replace the fuse.

Hope you have as much good luck. I then got extra fuses at Radio Shack, just in case.


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