Hartley acylic extendable table

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I have a newer Hartley extendable table. I find it I put any pressure on my ruler at all the table starts to "flop" up because it isn't connected in anyway to the arm of the machine. Does this make sense? Should it be connected if not how do you all deal with this. I know Sherry Rodgers told me she uses hers when she is straight line quilting. Do you have this problem, Sherry.


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No, it does not connect to the machine, that is what is so nice about it. Easy to put on, easy to take off. It should be snug though when you put it on.

It sounds to me that you may be putting too much pressure down on your ruler. You want a very light touch, just enough to keep the ruler from shifting. Too much pressure and the machine will not want to move either.

Hope this helps.

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These may not be on your model. If not is doesn't matter. If your base isn't as snug as you would like or slips a bit try a small piece of batting along one side this still allows the base to slip on easily or as Sherry suggested above. Do make sure you are not pressing to hard as this will make it harder to move your machine as well as cause your base slip.

The machines are made a specific size as are the bases. The bases are designed to slip on the throat of your machine. They aren't molded around the throat of the machine individually. So some play may happen. Think of it as your feet and two of the pair of same shoes ,one pair may be snug, the other pair fits perfectly. It does not mean they are made incorrectly. They are just made individually.

The bases do not screw on or attach to the machine in any way, for ease of attaching and removing. Also this help keep the weight down. They are good quality and well made. Their are other bases on the market. Some of them to screw to the machine or are secured in some other method. Hope you have solved your issue with your base slipping and are a happy quilters.


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