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Jo Ann,

There was a post back some time ago about making quilt labels that you might want to check out. I don't know about the HP program, but it is pretty straightforward to design labels just using simple Clip Art that is free and printing from an Ink Jet printer onto muslin. You treat the muslin with Bubble Jet Set(no big deal) and you rinse it in Retayne(or in Bubble Jet Rinse) afterward. I do it, and it's really easy. You can also print pictures that way. You might want to do a search to find that post.

We had a lady speak to our guild recently that has spent lots of time and energy on this subject and after all her experimenting, searching, etc. this is the method she prefers.

Just a thought.

Jill K.

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As long as you have the capability of stitching letters, I don't know why any embroidery machine couldn't do that. Even some sewing machines have build in alphabets.

If you are investigating embroidery machines, be sure and check if there is additional software that you have to purchase to create the "words" for the label. On my machine, Viking, I can use the built in letters on the sewing side, but have to use a software program to use the embroidery side.

If you have any more questions, send a U2U.


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If you are a new machine quilter then you might want to start with a nice overall meander or possibly a pantograph pattern. Stitch-in-the-ditch and 1/4 inch stitching is very time consuming and not very cost effective if you plan to quilt for others. One of my first quilts was a bear paw and I used a panto with curving lines and lots of movement. It turned out great and the soft lines contrasted nicely with the sharp lines of the quilt. If the fabric is contemporary then perhaps a modern panto design would work well. These are just some thoughts to get your started. I suggest you get comfortable with overall designs before tackling the more precise (and detailed) quilting patterns. That way you can see the fruits of your labor much sooner and enjoy the feelings of accomplishment. Keep us posted on your progress.

Happy Quilting.:D

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