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Christmas blocks or a round robin???


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I\'m trying to get our next swap organized, so we can start in May or June. I want everybody to have plenty of time to sign up.

Would you all rather do:

1) A Christmas block swap with 12.5" blocks in red/green/gold OR



2) Do a round robin quilt swap where you stitch your center medallion, then your quilt goes to 5 others for additional borders and rows to make it grow?

Think about it and let me know ASAP.

Also, for those wanting a 30\'s prints/traditional block exchange, go to the chatboard on my website to sign up for that one.

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Hi Teresa,

I would be interested in a Christmas block swap with 12.5" blocks in red, green & gold IF I don\'t have to make more than about 15 blocks. I know my time is limited, so more blocks would become too time consuming for me. I\'ll try to follow this thread to see how others feel. Thanks for taking the initiative and your time (as I know you are extremely busy, too) to start another block exchange.


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WEll,so far the overwhelming majority prefer Christmas blocks to a round robin.

We\'ll keep watching and make a decision toward the middle of April. I want to give everybody plenty of time to sign up and we need to have a FIRM cut off date, with no last minute add ons- that makes it hard to organize.

Thanks to those of you who have replied.

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Well, let\'s plan that then. If enough people want a round robin, maybe we can do one later.

Let\'s allow sign ups until April 15th, then finalize a list. We can plan on mailing blocks out between May 1st and October 1st. Hopefully we\'ll get about the same number of people so we can each do about 15 blocks or so again.

I think the 12.5" size has worked well for everybody, so we can stick with that.

What if we said that you make all your blocks identical this time, allowing for speed piecing, and then send them out. Because everybody on the list would receive blocks from different people, everybody would have at least one different block from the other people (if that makes sense). And everybody would set them differently, so we\'d have different quilts.

Sounds like fun. I can\'t wait.

I\'m checking the mail every day looking for my other 9 Friendship blocks to arrive.

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Teresa - you sure are a busy lady! I like the Christmas block idea

and would "maybe" willing to do a Round Robin. (I really dis-like

that name by the way.... HAD a sister by that which I have not

spoken to in over 10 years and she only lives 30 miles from me -

thats a whole diff. story!)

Stick with the Red - Green and Gold! Very Merry!!:)

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The block swap with reds, greens and golds sounds wonderful. Put my name on the list. I think that you have my info from the round robin box exchange and Secret Santa.


P.S. This past week I got the joy of meeting the wonderful lady to whom I was the Secret Santa. It was so fun putting a name and face together.

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Teresa, Put me down for a nother swap. You should have my address from the friendship swap that is currently going on. I would prefer blue, white and gold since I already have a red and green quilt that I\'m current working on, but I\'ll go along with what every the group decides. DB

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