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My new wheels aren\'t moving very fast.... my edgeriders I mean.... I had a neighbor guy help put them on and I\'m not sure how to loosen them so they go fast. Am I making any sense? it\'s almost midnight and the creep who lives under me is smoking like they arent making them anymore!

Back to my wheels. they are making more squares than circles. Where do I loosen them... from underneath? HELP!

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Hi Bobbi,

I found that they did not give me enough washers to raise the wheels into the grooves like the picture indicates. Once I had enough washers it gliddes away. They loosen and tighten just like the black wheels. Look at each wheel individually to see how it is moving and how it sits in the groove. Once you get the kinks out you will be gliding away.


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Because our wheels are horizontal and not vertical there is a height issue. If you have a Cirlcle Lord attached, a CQ or just a regular machine the distance from the top lip of the wheel to the carriage bar is always different. The edgerider wheels have a hump on top. They need to include 4 x as many washers and more detailed directions explaining this. You need to add as many washers on top of the wheel as you need to get clearance and the carriage needs to be leveled. It\'s more difficult than you would expect.

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