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It seems appropriate to have an easily accessible list of abbreviations somewhere.

As new ones are added, I will update this original post so that the reader only has to read this top post and not all those that follow.

I hope I simplified things by putting them alphabetically. Thanks for all your responses.

BFO --------------------blinding flash of the obvious

BFSSM-----------------Bonnie\'s Fabulous Steam and Starch Method

BTW--------------------By the way

BUG--------------------Butt Ugly Quilt

CC----------------------continuous curve

CL----------------------Circle Lord


CRS---------------------Can\'t remember s***

DH----------------------dear hubby / husband

DM / DSM -------------domestic sewing machine

E2E---------------------edge to edge / pantograph

FAQ\'s-------------------Frequently Asked Questions; a feature of this forum and almost all websites (see top banner of this page).

Frog--------------------(quilter\'s slang) remove stitches, tear out, rip it, [ribbit, ribbit, ribbit]


HTH----------------------Hope this helps

HSY (list)----------------Haven\'t started yet

IMHO--------------------In my humble opinion

LA / LA\'er---------------longarm / longarmer

LOL----------------------laughing out loud -- a take-off of the olden days of snail mail when one would make a funny comment and then write (Ha!Ha!) My sister kept signing her e-mails with it, thinking it meant "Lots of Love," until I had to set her straight.

LQG----------------------local quilt guild

MIL / SIL, etc.----------mother-in-law, sister-in-law, etc.

NFWICQTO-------------No flipping way I can quilt this out!!!

NQR----------------------Not Quilt/Quilting Related

PITA----------------------pain in the a**

PPP-----------------------practice! practice! practice!

.....(alternate: pictures! pictures! pictures!)

.....(alternate: pray! pray! pray!)

QS / LQS----------------Quilt Store / Local Quilt Store

ROFLMHO---------------Rolling on floor laughing my head off

SAS----------------------Storm at Sea

SBS----------------------Sunbonnet Sue

SID-----------------------stitch in the ditch

SOG----------------------straight of grain (as opposed to a bias border which a seminole border would be).

SPI-----------------------Stitches per inch

SR------------------------Stitch regulator

TIA-----------------------Thanks in advance

TT------------------------Terry\'s Twists (Sally Terry design)

U2U----------------------a personal message sent between readers of this forum; see FAQ\'s

URL ----------------------Uniform Resource Language. Computer term for a web address; the location on the web where a file or information is stored.

WAB---------------------- Wavy a** borders

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It seems appropriate to have an easily accessible list of abbreviations somewhere. As new ones are added, I will update this original post so that the reader only has to read this top post and not

Originally posted by veg-girl

Brilliant idea it took me ages to work some of them out. Here\'s a new one -on the thread " Need help piecing a seminole border" she refers to an SOG border.I can\'t think what that might be.

Yvette, SOG -- I am taking a wild guess but I think it might mean "Straight of Grain" ???

Here\'s another one to add to the list:

DM or DSM (Domestic Sewing Machine) -- It took me a while to figure that one out! :P friends forever! ;)


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Thank you, thank you! What a great idea posting the abbr. I usually can figure them out, but every now and then there\'s a hard one. Thanks again, this will be a great help for our newbies. I recommend Heidi makes this a stand alone topic so guests/members don\'t have to go searching for the meanings.

your bqbf (best quilting buddy forever)

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