In your business: How much thread is "enough"?

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I think that we all have our favorite threads. If I did not quilt for hire, I think that I would be satisfied with only cotton thread; maybe 8 or 10 colors would be all that I would need since my fabrics would all be my favorite colors, too.

But when you quilt for others, you get all sorts of fabric colors and need to have threads for those quilts, too. I recently added another cone holder board to my studio wall because I have so much thread. I can\'t help myself. If I see a pretty color, I just buy it thinking that I will use it. And I usually do.

One part of quilting for hire is selecting the perfect thread for the customer\'s quilt.

So here is the poll question: How many cones (not spools) of quilting thread do you have in your studio?

I counted mine when I had to add that new board. I have 253 cones. Do you think I need help? Maybe a 12-step program to get my addiction under control would help. I don\'t have near that many piecing threads...who has time to piece?

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Hay Linda...

253 cones of thread is awesome. Are we counting just large cones or are we including short cones and spools we use on our longarms...??? I use valdani spools and cones, YLI spools and cones, R&A spools and cones, and of course Signature, Superior the list goes on and on but I use both cones and spools... should I just not count the thread I use for peicing??? OH WAIT I DON"T DO THAT LOL so I have no peicing thread at my studio... OK I will try to count all my thread in studio but it may be a little higher then 253:oMy thread stash is larger then most quilters fabric stash. Maybe I will just take photos of all my shelves and try to post it tomorrow... should I count the two suite cases I travel with ???LOL this could be an all day job.... OK I will count tonight, I\'ll bribe Jessie into helping me... Let you know tomorrow PICS and all...;)

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This question referred to any thread that you use on your longarm. I have some 1000 yd mini-cones of Isacord, YLI and Robison-Anton. They all count. Add them up, you all.

The prize is that you get bragging rights to being the Big Conehead. LOL :D:D:D:P

Linda, my panto purchasing has pretty much levelled off. Well, they I saw some new ones from Patricia Ritter and Kristin Holyzer (sp?). I have about 130, I think. I might have to thin that out a bit. I am moving my studio and want to rethink my tools.

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Hi Linda,

I know I don\'t have enough threads to match the prewounds you so generously gave me! That I know for sure!

I keep what I consider my "long arm" threads in a roll around cart by my Ultimate II. I have a pitiful supply considering what you all have! :( 45 cones of thread is pathetic---right? I need a 12 step program to help me buy more thread---not the opposite such as you are suggesting! :D:D:D:D

I want to start a "Lava" thread collection! So this should get me going with that.

I have some beautiful varigated Valdani that I have never been able to make sew out on the machine without breaking.

(anyone using this have any suggestions? what bobbin thread are you using , and what needle size?)

I love So-Fine, but need more colors.

I also have 4 cones of Perma Core, and 8 of King Tut.

I use these three types of threads most of the time, and occasionally some 40 wt. Aurifil.

I\'m now depressed as I told everyone here I\'m thread poor, but then I\'ve only had my Ulti. for a year. So, give me time.

Do any of you have "favorite colors" that you use up, and replace a lot---or is that a dumb question considering you just told that you use All Your Threads! :o

I\'m leaving now and going to see what\'s available for my thread stash....I also heard a rumor the Superior is going to increase their thread prices by a $1.00 a cone starting in April. So, now would be a good time to shop! Right?

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I need to order thread, too. I think I have about 10 cones and maybe another 10 or so on little (smaller) spools. But, I am just starting out so my inventory is really little. I am hoping to order some thread and other supplies soon.

That said, if I were to order a variety of colors of thread, what do you suggest I cover for the basics? This would be thread for top and bobbin. Thanks for your advice.


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Hey Shana, if you can afford to wait, MQS is just 2 months away. You know that Bob (Mother Superior\'s DH) will be there. Pricing is $o good, too. It is really hard to see true color on a computer screen. At MQS, you can see the thread up close and personal. Especially with variegated thread, how can you really tell what\'s in there unless you get cozy with it.

I like Rheingold poly thread. They have about 200 colors. A very nice selection of blues. I only have 2 or 3 cones of Rheingold but just ordered 2 more (shiny black and a coral) and I ordered their thread (real thread, not a picture of thread) card so I can see what I need. ;)

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I have 360 Isacord mini king spools (used for my embroidery machine only so far)

and then I have 128 of various Superior thread large cones.

I too also want to order more Lava thread have 4 spools of that already, I also have some Rainbows, King Tut, poly quilter, monoply, and some others.

I think of thread like most women look at can never have too many :P

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I counted 140. Nowhere near some of you!! Wont\' be long and I\'ll catch up with the rest of you. Especially with MQS coming up soon. Can hardly wait!!

Shana - You would be surprise how much thread can fit in a carryon bag!! I think I brought about 40 cones back with me when I went to Innovations. Also, when I had Dawn\'s beginning class she recommended starting out with 3 shades of the basic colors, 2 cones of each if you wind your own bobbins. (Dawn - I hope you don\'t mind me sharing this out of my notes from class). The colors she recommended are:

Burgundy, Red, Pink

Navy, Royal Blue, Baby Blue

Sunshine Yellow, Pale Yellow, Orange, Peach

Evergreen, Kelly Green, Pale Green, Olive Green

White, Black Ecru, Grey, Tan

Dark Brown, Camel, Taupe,

Royal Purple, Lavender

Following this advice you have a rainbow of colors and something for just about any quilt that comes in the door!! I also started supplementing this with various colors of variegated Rainbows and King Tut.


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My name is Pam. I am a thread-a-holic. I love thread. My friends will attest to that. I am the want-to-be go to girl at my LQS.

I have over 2,000 spools. This does not include my embroidery floss, silk ribbon, hand dyed threads, pearl cotton, silk, or yarns. But, I have met thread I don\'t like.

My husband thinks it\'s funny.

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Hey Shana and the rest of you going to MQS. Bob, Mother Superior, will probably also have thread cards for sale. Cards with actual thread wrapped around them so that you can really see the color of the thread. I keep mine in my bag for customers so that I can show them specific thread choices. I\'ve then marked the ones that I have in stock so I don\'t order more of something funky.

I don\'t know how many spools I have, but I am also a snob, and only use Superior on my girl. She\'s a little spoiled, but no more so than she deserves!


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When I read Linda\'s original post I had the biggest grin on my face and thought "You go girl." I have never seen her stash of thread but was so excited to read about it. As I\'m reading down the rest of the posts it came to me that we are all sick, sick sick. I only have 22 cones, but I\'ve only had my machine for about 6 months. I do have several hundred spools for quilting/piecing on my DSM. I\'ll have to catch up. MQX is in a few weeks. DB

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Ya know, Surperior has that nice little form that you can print so that you know what thread you have or what thread you need. It lists the thread by number and color and type, then has a box where you can fill in the # of spools you have. Or I guess you check mark the ones you want to buy, either way. Pretty handy for times when you get to a big show and all that "candy" is lined up on those tables and your mouth starts to water and you start loading your little bitty basket with one of everything ;)

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:P OK did my thread count today... I did not count the treads in my suite cases as they are just to take to classes, and did not count any longarm thread stash at home that I use on the Discovery... I\'m afraid the 12 step program might not be enough for me LOL In studio I have 1,987 cones of thread, I did not count the odd bins on my bottom shelves as they are a mess so they don\'t count either... right??? OK I am going to try and post some pics
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OMG, Sue, you are out of control. I want to come live in your studio. And we think that our machines are the big expense.:D :D. Then we start stocking our thread, rulers, pantos, etc. Cha-ching.

Thanks for the photos, Sue. I would definitely say that you and Pam Nagle are in the top 5 finalists for Big Conehead. :P

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Gee I only have 443. Just told hubby today I was going to wait until Paducah to buy more thread because I need it, that was before I counted it. Now after seeing Sue and Pams\' numbers I definately need more thread.

Sue the yellow quilt on your frame is that all thread painting.

It\'s beautiful.


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