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I would like to hear how you measure your quilts for Pantos, and what measurements you put in CQ.

What steps do you make to have the panto not go to far off the edge of the quilt.

I have had some that are just perfect on each row, but have had others that go anywhere from 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches off on the right side. Some loosing part of the design.

I am just interested to hear how others do their setups.

CQ is new and I am still learning lots.

Thank you:

Bobette Miller

Paradise, CA

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I am assuming that the width is the same throughout the length of the quilt before quilting...

Here is my guess- The physical tendency is for the quilt to "bunch up" as we quilt along, so it is really important to make sure you pull the outside edges back to their original position when you advance. This is also one of the reasons why new longarmers will reach the bottom edge and find they have much fullness in that last border- even though the quilt was fairly square to start with.

Also, you may be clamping the side straps tighter/looser on some rows than others. This will affect the way the panto quilts out, especially when compounded with the usual surface changes (bunching up) that occur during the quilting process. Try to pay close attention to the tension and length of the side straps and keep them consistent with all the rows. Since I always full-float, I wrap painter\'s tape around my quilt top leader to mark where my quilt edges should be after every advance.

Hope this helps!!;)

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