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Time for "Oriental Salad!"


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OK, Mi Chica\'s! (sic?) OK, My Chat Girls!

It\'s time for my very favorite salad!

Oriental Salad - This salad is addicting!

1 head Napa Cabbage - chopped (it’s that light green curly cabbage)

1 pkg. Oriental Ramen Noodles - crumbled

1/2 C sliced almonds

2-3 green onions - chopped small

2-3 Tblsp toasted sesame seeds (optional)


1/2 C oil (I use olive)

3 Tblsp Rice Vinegar

3 Tblsp sugar

1 pkg. Oriental Ramen Noodle seasoning

pepper to taste

mix salad together - add dressing

just before serving

(If I am taking this to someones home, I often

chop the cabbage and

green onions and put in seperate plastic containers.

I put the crushed noodles and almonds

in another small container and the

dressing in a 3rd container. That way everything stays



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We use the salad a lot here too. We also add chopped celery to the cabbage. When we make it for home we always keep the 3 parts separate and each person can mix their own.

Our recipe also calls for soy sauce in the dressing and we pan toast the noodles and almonds with some seseme seeds.

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MMMMM-good that sounds like a fabulous addition! toasting sounds great too!

I hope you girls enjoy this a lot! you can add chicken or steak too if you want... depends on what time of day you have it I guess. Actually - I can eat a whole recipie for myself - I LOVE THIS SALAD!

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