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Homespuns are fine and quilt up like anything else, but as a looser weave you want to find a batting that won't break down or beard. I also try very hard to NOT make a mistake when using homespuns; the loose weave makes it harder to rip out stitches without picking up part of the fabric weave.

Make sure the client has all of the seams secure, and don't handle it any more than you have to. It ravels. If you find a seam allowance to be too narrow you can tuck it in with little bit of Steam a Seam.

I'd use a Hobbs Heirloom, or 100% cotton batt with a scrim of some sort for this project. QD Poly will beard, and Soft and Bright will too.


Linda Norton, INdiana

Ult I w/IS2K

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Well, I am probably a day late and a dollar short to help you any... but I'll throw it out anyway in case someone has a homespun fabric quilt to do:

I'll add to Linda's good post that you will get a lot of "fuzz" in your bobbin area from the homespun fabric too. Make sure to clean with every bobbin change. Those little lint bunnies will find every tiny space to hide in!!

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