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Hello Everyone,

I have a quilt on the machine right now that I quilted a panto in the middle and then did a separate border. All was fine until I turned the quilt. The back is wavy in the border area. It is a one piece 108" wide backing--no seams. I read the other posts about basting the borders as you go, which I did not know. I took a class and the instructor did not do this. Anyway, I haven't quilted the remaining borders. Is there a way to resolve this before I quilt it?

This quilt is for my mom so it is not a huge issue, but I still would like it to look nice. Thanks.


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You could measure the quilt across, decide on a width measurement. Then baste the outside edge down before doing the border stitching. You could also add some extra batting between the regular batting and backing to take up some of the extra space.

Regardless, unless you want to rip, you will probably have some tucks. Is there a place where you could put in a tuck that would be less noticeable?

Good luck,


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Thanks for the advice. I ended up taking the quilt off the machine and using my sewing machine to baste the border. Since the problem was on the back, I couldn't see to do it on the longarm.

I guess the more important question is why did this happen? It is only on one side of the quilt. The backing is one piece and was squared with a rotary cutter. Would basting the borders as I advanced the quilt have prevented this from happening? I will chalk this up to inexperience but I don't want it to happen again!

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I did use my clamps. I think it was because I didn't baste the sides. It was on the far left side of the quilt (from the back of the machine), all the way down the border. I have done edge to edge pantographs before with no problem. It didn't turn out as bad as I originally thought. It will probably look better once the quilt has been washed.

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