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Have you seen/used the CL Cable template??

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I used my Swirls template the other day and I love it!!!! I just got my Cross Hatch template last Thursday and am real anxious to try that too. Now I have to get more jobs so I can order the Cable template..........I am very impatient.....ARGGGGGGG!!!

But I will be counting my pennies.


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I got the CL last month and bought the cables with my initial order. Now I just have to figure out something to use it on!!! That looks great!

I have so far used the Baptist Fan/Clamshell templates and they are awesome! Also I am going to use my Featherz (wreath) template this week on a vintage Grandmother\'s Fan. I only need half the wreath so it\'s going to be a little tricky. I think it will look nice.

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Carol, What is name of website to purchase "Whimsey"?

Want to thank you for pictures of all your beautiful quilts. I regularly check at Loricles to see if you have posted anything new. It is so wonderful to get ideas from others (especially when one is "idea challenged"). Love the Circle Lord products and love your quilts.


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