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Circuit board/needle up/down

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I have a 3 year old Millenium that is starting to require an almost daily adjustment of the needle up/needle down function. I know that it takes me about one minute to pop the cover off and turn the #8 screw on the circuit board---which is not a big deal---but is this a sign that my circuit board will need to be replaced soon?


Jill Kerekes

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I have noticed that when there is a change in the weather - no kidding - I have to adjust that screw. I think it is the humidity. Everytime I say that reps and repair people look at me with that "Deer in the Headlight" look...but I swear it is true!!

Mary Beth 

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I took the maintenance class in Iowa with Amy this month. It was fantastic. The maintenance checklist for needle up/.down slowness states:

- Remove the left front cover and check for any thread wrapped around the flywheel, if optional flywheel cover is not used

- Check motor brushes

=If both above are ok, then adjust circuit board for positioning screw

We learned that if you leave the motor brush worn, it will cost more in the long run to replace the motor. So, I suggest you check it.

If the brush is less than 3/8" long, it should be replaced. A new brush is about 1/2" long...not much change, but makes a difference. Its important to replace the brush the exact way it was removed. The concave end matches the curvature of the motor.

Check with APQS to see if they can provide you with the instrutions of you don\'t have them.

I strongly suggest that everyone take these classes. They were wonderful!!

Deb Figved APQS Lenni and Millenium w/ CQ Deb's Quiltery

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Hi Jill, You might want to get a battery backup and plug your machine into that. It helps with "dirty" power and may help with your problem. You really shouldn\'t have to adjust it everyday. I know I do when I take my machine to a show or class because of the different electrical power in the building.


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