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There are many many good brands and models to choose from...what you are looking for is something that is heavy enough for you to handle and has tons of steam.

These irons can come as cheap as $19.95 and run as high at $ all depends on your finances and how much you want to lift.

I personally right now am using a Black and Decker "Digtial Advantage" got it at WalMart for about $39.95...I seem to drop irons alot and this one is cheap enough I don\'t cry when they get knocked off the ironing board and does the job I require it to do.

Good luck in the hunt....let us know what you decide on.

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Hi! My prefernce is for a Rowanta. I never thought an iorn would be worth a $100 bucks until I spent some time with one at retreat. I was hooked. Joann fabrics lets you use their %%% off coupons on them or at least they use to. Thats how I got the two I have. One is a travel size I take it with me to retreats and classes. Before I also had a Black and Decker. Had it for years untill of course I dropped it!

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I love the two Rowenta irons I have--a travel iron I use for classes and a big "Master" steam is wonderful. I\'ve never dropped it and it\'s light, the steam is "deadly" and continuous and I would like to have another one for my quilting area if I could afford it! I\'ve had other irons I really liked. But I wanted one that doesn\'t automatically turn off after so many minutes. This big guy will run all day on a tank of water and steam till the cows come home! I paid 169 for it about 2 years ago. I think the new model is about the same price, and available at Joanns. I bid on one on Ebay...but someone wanted it almost to the new they got it! I just had to replace the boiler cap (which cracked) but I didn\'t hesitate to make that purchase! Good luck. If you use an iron often, as a piecer, you probably do, it\'s so nice to have an iron you love! Jane

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