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NEW Designs from Deb Geissler!!!


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Deb asked me to post this for everyone (her letter copied below)... If you aren't familiar with Deb's designs... then you are truly missing out!! She is my personal favorite!!! I routinely email her wanting to buy yet another design (or 2 or 3...), and she has always sent them to my email within hours!! That's AWESOME service!!! AND her patterns are absolutely WONDERFUL and sew out like dreams!!!!! I have already bought several of the new designs myself!!!! Tina

copied from Deb's email:...

Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that the new updated catalog with all of my patterns shown is now available for download in pdf format from my website. www.designsbydeb.biz It on the front page. I still do not have the new patterns available for download from the site nor the search engine ready but I am making progress. Thank you for your patience. I have 3 new pages (22-24) of patterns added since MQS so you can print off just those if you already have the May 2005 Catalog from MQS. You can order any patterns listed in the catalog directly from me by e-mail or call 303-794-3626. Thank you all so much for your wonderful feedback and support.

Happy Stitching,

Deb Geissler



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