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"Real Men *Do* Quilt!"

Guest LA

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Thought you would all get a kick out of this picture of Chris quilting!

Here he is smugly quilting with his Oregon State Lanyard & scissors.

He has yet to let me quilt a quilt on our new addition, & my duties are to fill out *his* paperwork & load *his* quilt before he comes home from work everyday!

I have high hopes to quilt something while he is gone.;)

Can?t you just see a Fons & Porter ad with either Chris or George Quilting with the Compuquilter, while Liz & Marianne are sleeping!! LoL!

Okay Greg, you are next!:)

Happy Quilting!


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Golly Linda....what can I say...Chris looks.....just swell. He is the Advance Team for us guys.

I must say we (that means me, too) are looking forward to our CompuQuilter. Next week we start serious design on Sharon's Quilting/Sewing Studio. Looking to break ground in December? As we design, I will share a webpage for everyone on APQS Forums. It will be fun.

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