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Update-New book-Have Your Cake & Eat It Too! (with photo)

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I want to introduce everyone to my friend Dodi Poulsen.

She is fantastic! Her quilts are fun and easy. My favorite quilt in the book is Angel Food Cake.

It will be introduced at Quilt Market next week, but I asked if I could share. (I was part of the pattern testing/proofreading group):).


A little taste of everything! This delicious book contains 7 projects and 5

yummy recipes. From contemporary to traditional, there is a quilt style for

everyone. In this book you will find 2 fat quarter quilts, 1 layer cake

quilt, 1 fat eighth table runner and placemats, 1 charm square quilt, 1

yardage quilt, & 1 strip quilt. The projects are fun, fabulous & fast to

complete. Use pre cut fabric bundles, or better yet, use up your stash of

fabrics! 24 pages, full color.

Available at Material Girls Quilt Shop, 360-692-0286, Silverdale WA


Auntie Pami

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Hey Pat - Are you a long-armer also??? We work out of that quilt shop and will check out the book when we go up there next time. Looks like a fun book. :D


APQS Millie (no computer)

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should just relax and get used to it. -- Robert Heinlein

Circle Lord Consultant

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What a Great Mothers Day idea

Thanks Pam I know my mom will love it... do you know where I can get it in Canada??? Are any of the big name book stores carring it???:cool: so many questions so little time LOL

I Remain Crazy For Longarm Quilting... Or Maybe Just Plain Crazy ...Sue Patten

905-869-5059 cell

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I have a CQ Millie. My friend Sarah has a Stalter Gammill and quilted almost all of the quilts. My favorite is Angel Food Cake.

She just received her copies yesterday and signed them for us! Dodi & Heidi are Two Sisters From Squirrel Hollow. I don\'t know if she has them in Canada yet, but she\'ll have them at Market next week.


Auntie Pami

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