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Question....I\'ve never used the Kids washable markers.

What happens if you need to leave the markings in longer than you has expected....say a week of a few months? Does it wash out just as easily or are there special washing instructions that go with the length of it being left in.

Thanks. I love this idea, as there are just times I can\'t get the marking pencils or chalks to make a good enough mark.

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Many thanks to Lisa for her good ideas she gave me in the new longarmer class. I went to staples and got a 36" by 36" sheet of that plastic that they seal documents in (can\'t remember what it is called). I lined the sides with blue painter\'s tape so I don\'t run off the edge and use that to audition quilting on my quilts with dry erase markers. I also took a digital picture of the quilt top, printed it out and slipped it into a clear plastic sleeve. I can then mark the top with a fine tip dry erase marker and then when I slip it out of the sleeve, I am left with an idea of whether my quilting is consistant in all areas. ;)

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Thanks so much to all of you for sharing these great ideas. Even those of us who are still waiting to get our LA\'s and using our DM in the meantime can use these ideas to improve our quilting.

I\'ve been using tracing paper to overlay on my quilts for testing designs. The vinyl by the yard would be great for that! Plexiglass too would be a good tool.

Thanks all you gals and Jim for being such great giving friends.

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Hi Bonnie. I\'ve never left the Crayola markers marked on the quilt more than a few days. I\'m not sure what would happen if they were left longer. I will use a damp cloth to take off the Crayola markers design very GENTLY before the client sees the quilt. Maybe you could just mark part of the quilt? Maybe you could just use the quilting papers instead?

Quilters~~~Another thought on using the quilting papers. I\'ll mark the design on the papers with washable markers to quilt over using my NEW Millie! (Yes I upgraded too!) . But some times little bits of the papers will get poked down into the quilt. (When I use very busy-design quilting templates). I still use a WASHABLE marker on the papers so when the quilt does finally get washed, those bits should wash out too. I know of a quilter that used a sharpie (easier for her to see) and bits of paper+sharpier was poked down into the quilt. LITTLE black dots showed up in the quilt after washing. It was right where the design lines were. Bummer.

We\'re back to assumed risk. Right? Off to quilt. Everyone, have a SUPER day! Lisa

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